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How Missed Calls Are Impacting Your Business

Although most businesses spend their valuable time and money on multiple strategies designed to lure customers to call them, they often overlook what can be an obvious problem – Are all of those calls being answered? Consider what happens to your customer and potential customer calls that come into your business after hours, on holidays, or when your staff is already overwhelmed with calls a Continue Reading »

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Live Chats

With the increasing popularity of live chat on websites to increase sales and deliver top quality customer service, you will likely have to choose whether you plan to provide this function for your business in-house or via outsourcing. Live chat is a type of online chat that appears in a computer web browser or in mobile applications, typically in the form of a small pop-up screen through which a Continue Reading »

Inbound Leads Answering Service

With teams of highly experienced, professionally trained live operators, Intercept of Florida can help you grow your business without the expense of hiring additional employees. We can support all of your inbound calls, including inbound leads coming in from different marketing channels. Also, we offer you workflows and lead nurturing systems that help to organize these leads into segments and mai Continue Reading »

What is the difference between a Virtual Receptionist and a Dedicated Receptionist?

Making the decision to use either a virtual receptionist or a dedicated receptionist is easier than you think. What both have in common is that they are real people located remotely who provide your business with answering services. However, knowing what makes them different will likely help you make the decision on which type of receptionist is right for your business – virtual or dedicated Continue Reading »

Answering Services for the Holidays

The easy solution to making sure that all of your business calls are answered during the holiday season is to work with a high-quality answering service. The right holiday answering service can serve as a substitute for staff who are not in the office, provide additional support for product sales and information, and offer customer assistance whenever needed.    Arranging for this type Continue Reading »